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Webb-Secure News

On March 7, 2003, Webb-Secure Internet Security became the first Reseller in Canada of F-Prot antivirus products.

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Watch for John in Webb-Secure's Mobile Unit
around the Red Deer and surrounding area

Webb-Secure, based in Red Deer, Alberta, is an Internet Security company that specializes in the professional diagnosis, removal and prevention of Malware (Malicious Software). MALWARE is more commonly known as Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spam, Chain Letters, Porn, Spyware, Adware, "Aggressive Marketing Software."

Webb-Secure  also specializes in computer Security Upgrades and Firewall Installation.  During a security upgrade,  we will install the latest versions of  F-Prot* antivirus,  firewall, spyware detection, and various other Security related software on your PC.

Computer Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses are becoming more prevalent and more destructive as each one appears on the scene and each one has the possibility of corrupting and destroying data and software on your PC. The removal of such Malware is NOT a guarantee against further infection, and some data on your PC may have been damaged beyond repair. However, Webb-Secure has a proven record against all Malware to date and does not advocate the "Wipe and Restore" methods used by many Computer companies. Webb-Secure has not "tangled" with a virus it couldn't defeat, nor met a "Digital Demon" it couldn't exterminate.

In most cases, your data will be rescued and your computer will be treated as if it was one of ours. We know that if you are happy with what we do, you are going to pass our name on to your friends. In fact, you already have and have made our first year in business a huge success. We thank you for that. Very much!
SO . . . . . If something is "bugging you" - WHO YA GONNA CALL ?

*F-Prot antivirus has had a proven track record for over 12 years and stops viruses BEFORE they get on your PC. Webb-Secure will NOT install any other antivirus other than F-Prot . Ask us why.

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